COUNTDOWN MEDIA – for all your music licensing needs…

Countdown Media is an international music catalogue, constantly updated with new recordings by its production studios in the U.S., Mexico, U.K, and Germany. Countdown is known as one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality music recordings, with a 35-year history of licensing its sound recordings around the world. Our offices are in Hamburg, Germany and Los Angeles, California.

The Countdown Media Catalogue contains over 150,000 recordings, covering a broad variety of musical styles and formats.
These include Soundalike Cover Versions from all popular genres (such as Rock, Pop, R&B, Latin, Reggae etc.) and in different formats like Karaoke or Instrumental Versions, an encompassing Film & Show Catalogue containing the most famous instrumental and vocal tracks from the realm of Movie/TV/Musical, as well as many other types of music like World Music, Music for Children, Holiday repertoire, Standards, etc.

Countdown's repertoire also includes the prestigious 101 Strings Orchestra catalogue with over 10,000 recorded titles, original artist recordings and re-recordings of pop hits from the 50s to the 80’s, and over 20,000 high quality recordings of classical works.

And, one of the benefits of its catalogue Countdown offers to its customers is the more than 5,000 ready-made compilation concepts.

Finally, one of the most important assets we can provide our clients is the ability to offer new business opportunities, content creation and product delivery under one roof. Our direct, worldwide control over our owned and licensed catalogues allows us to quickly answer customer queries regarding content creation or licensing, while maintaining the highest quality standards, using state of the art production and digitalization technology.

We license music worldwide for all types of usage:

Digital License — With the vast amount of recorded content that we own and control, which includes our expanded efforts in third party catalogue representation, we can offer our licensees content for almost any type of musical concept for distribution in the digital retail space in any region of the world. Licensees can focus on the individual flavor of a local music marketplace, creating their own conceptual ideas, artwork and compilation components, reflecting the local taste and flavor. These ideas can then be exploited and marketed on a global basis through both the mainstream outlets (i.e., iTunes, Amazon), as well as via local and regional online and mobile retail partners.

Sync License — Synchronization, which is defined as an arrangement under which a licensee is granted the right to exploit a music recording in conjunction with a video component, such as films, television programs, TV commercials or other visual creations, is a growing aspect of our licensing business. Recent usage of our master recordings in North America of this type include film & television licenses with Columbia Tristar, Warner Brothers Pictures and Turner Broadcasting, as well as the reality shows American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance?, and America’s Got Talent. International usage includes TV commercials for European mobile operators, a worldwide Renault campaign, TV commercials for Pepsi in the Chinese market, Itaipava beer in Brazil, just to name a few.

Premium License — A premium is a giveaway, bonus or award given as an inducement to purchase products or enter competitions initiated by business interests. In other words, something offered for free or at a reduced price as an inducement to buy something else or to enter into some contractual relationship. Premiums are common in the retail marketplace and are becoming increasingly frequent in the internet and mobile space. In the digital era, opportunities have arisen in the marketplace for a wider variety of premium products and marketing concepts utilizing musical assets, such as our extensive library of sound recordings. Besides the traditional physical CD, we can deliver content anywhere in the world using a variety of delivery platforms, including digital and mobile.

Retail License — For any type of concept or compilation to be released in the physical marketplace, licensees will find the recordings needed in our catalogue. Our retail clients around the world continue to release successful concepts in CD format, spanning genres from classical music to children’s repertoire to karaoke and beyond.